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  1. past of founder

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Founder may refer to:
  • Founder (noun) - With respect to a settlement, organization, company or enterprise, the person who started or "founded" (as if forging steel) it.
  • Founder (noun) - A metalworker operating a foundry.
  • Foundering (verb) – Sinking, used as a nautical term; a failing enterprise, used metaphorically to reference a sinking ship. Often confused with "floundering" (acting clumsily or in confusion).
  • Foundered (adjective) - a condition, Laminitis, a horse ailment in which "foundering" (sinking) is a common symptom.
  • Founder Group, China's second-largest personal computer vendor
  • Founder Technology, a subsidiary company of Founder Group engaged in development of PCs, peripherals and PCBs
  • Founder effect, a biological concept used to explain genetics in a small isolated population
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